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BitMart Institutional Credit Line is NOW Live!

Dear Valued BitMart Users, 

We are proud to announce that we have released our new Credit Line feature for qualified institutional users. You can now borrow stablecoins with your crypto assets as collateral instead of selling those assets and enjoy lower or even zero interest rates when borrowing.


Product Overview


Risk Control Methods



What is Credit Line?

Credit Line is a BitMart service where institutional users can instantly collateralize cryptocurrencies and borrow stablecoins to meet trading needs. Your account must be institutional KYC-verified to participate. 


What assets are supported as collateral, and what stablecoins can be borrowed?

BitMart supports BTC, ETH, USDT, USDC, DAI, and other stable or mainstream crypto assets as collateral. You can borrow USDT/USDC against these coins for your trading needs without having to worry about volatility. We will re-evaluate your risk rate changes each time you increase or decrease collateral or make a repayment, and each collateral has a different risk rate setting. We recommend you pledge stablecoins or mainstream crypto assets to keep your credit from becoming more volatile.


How is the loan repaid? What are the rules for early repayment?

You may repay the principal and interest on the credit account page without penalty. Interest will always be repaid before the principal amount and is calculated hourly. If the contracted repayment date is exceeded, additional interest may be levied.


What are the rules for the transfer of borrowed funds?

You can transfer borrowed funds to your Spot wallet immediately for trading. However, please note that you cannot withdraw these borrowed funds except to the spot wallet or your sub-accounts. 

Once you transfer your borrowed funds to the Spot wallet or sub-accounts, we will help monitor and update your risk rate and the amount of credit taken. 

After completing your loan application, we will temporarily postpone the ability to utilize your Futures transfer, Margin transfer, and BitMart Earn accounts. Please contact us to activate them if you need to make any transfers. 


How do you apply for a Credit Line?

After passing our institutional KYC, you will see the Credit page where you can apply for the Credit Line. Our account manager will contact you to discuss specific credit-related matters and activate your line of credit for you.

You can also contact to help you with the application process.


Attention: Use of BitMart services is entirely at your own risk. The value of currencies can go up or down, and there can be a substantial risk in buying, selling, holding, or trading currencies. Therefore, you should consider whether trading or holding coins suits you based on your investment objectives, financial circumstances, and risk tolerance.

Feel free to contact our account managers via Telegram (@BM_Institution) or email (, and we will process your application as soon as possible.

Thank you for supporting BitMart!

The BitMart Institutional Team

September 16, 2022

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