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About Happy Earn

Dear Earn users,

Thank you for subscribing for BitMart Earn product.

We are happy to inform you that Happy Earn Products will be monthly launched on the BitMart Earn.


About Happy Earn 

  • Various cryptos will be selected as Happy Earn products on a monthly basis
  • After the event ends ,users who participate in the purchase of Happy Earn can see the event products on the Fixed Saving product page and  buy them at any time

How to subscribe

  • During Happy Earn event:  Earn  > Savings > Promotions
  • After Happy Earn event (For users who participated in the purchase of Happy Earn) : Earn  > Savings > Fixed Savings
  • U.S. users are restricted for the subscription


Invite your friends to participate in the next Happy Earn event and join the BitMart Happy Earn Club


BitMart Earn

Happy Earn

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