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How to open the Tap Fantasy S3 Mystery Box NFT

Dear BitMart Users,


BitMart is thrilled to announce the listing of the Tap Fantasy S3 Mystery Box Collection on Oct 14 3PM UTC, 2022 on NFT Marketplace. Please follow the instructions below on how to open the Mystery Box:


Step 1: Go to BitMart NFT Tap Fantasy S3 Collection:



Step 2: Purchase the mystery box, choose Solana network, and withdraw to your own Solana wallet 



Step 3: Open Tap Fantasy official website.


Step 4: This mystery box is an NFT on Solana, so you need to switch to the Solana network and connect your wallet.


Step 5: Click MYSTERY BOX in the menu bar to jump to the page.


Step 6: You can see your mystery box from the page, click Open Box to open the box.


Step 7: Authorize your wallet (a small amount of SOL is required here).


Step 8: Open the mystery box and get the NFT skin.


Step 9: Your NFT Skins can be seen in the User Center -- My NFT.




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BitMart Team

Oct 18, 2022

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