Presentación del proyecto

The TEKTIAS is a revolutionary decentralized platform operating on Layer 2 of the blockchain, delivering a centralized exchange (CEX)-like experience directly through Web3 wallets. By leveraging Layer 2 solutions, we aim to redefine DeFi accessibility and usability, offering rapid transactions, reduced fees, and heightened user autonomy. TEKTIAS aggregates top-tier DEXs and liquidity pools, forming a comprehensive DeFi ecosystem accessible via Web3 wallets. Specifically crafted to tackle prevalent challenges in Layer 2 DeFi, such as fragmented user experiences and increased security risks, TEKTIAS Protocol provides a lending and borrowing ecosystem on Layer 2 Ethereum scaling solutions. Users can stake and borrow assets at the lowest available interest rates, benefiting from Layer 2 efficiency, secure smart contracts, and customizable interest rates. With TEKTIAS, users unlock diverse financial opportunities while enjoying enhanced speed, lower costs, and utmost security.


2. Información de la moneda

  • Token Name: TEKTIAS
  • Token Symbol: TEKTIAS
  • Token Type: Zksync era
  • Total Supply: 15,000,000 TEKTIAS


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