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Desvincular ou redefinir Google Authenticator 2FA

If you accidentally lost access to your email, phone, or Google Authenticator, please follow the instructions below to reset your Google 2FA.

You need to submit a support ticket to unbind or reset your Google 2FA. To start, make sure you have the following documents and information with you:

1. The phone number or email address you use to register on BitMart.

2. Front and back images of your ID Card. (Images and ID number must be legible.)



3. A photo of you holding the front of your ID Card, and a note clarifying your support request. (Selfie not acceptable. Photo, ID number, and the note must be legible.)

  • Date and an explanation of your request MUST be included in the note, please see the example below:
  • 20190601 (yyyy/mm/dd), requesting to unbind Google 2FA in my BitMart account


4. Information about the token name with the most assets in your BitMart account OR any deposit and withdrawal records. You MUST provide at least one information. We highly recommend that you provide as much information as possible so that we can process your request faster.

5. A valid phone number or email address so that our customer support can contact you if needed.

Submit all your documents and information via the Support Center: Click here to submit a support ticket.


Please Note:

If you did not complete the Identity Authentication (KYC) for your BitMart account and you have a total balance greater than 0.1 BTC, you MUST provide the information mentioned in #3 above. If you failed to provide any required information, we will reject your request for unbinding or resetting your Google 2FA.

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